Tuesday, 8 January 2013

One For Sorrow - Book 2 in the Saints Rest Novels

Hello Everyone:

Very sorry for not updating this blog sooner.  I have been busy editing my first novel "Ten For The Devil" ... and I am still editing. I have a problem with "tenses" and I found a plot hole that I have to fill. 

To all those who have been reading it on Wattpad - thank you very much (over 6k's reads WOW) but I will not be putting the ending on until I publish.  Sorry, but the ending is sooo good - I'm very happy with it and I hope you will be too.

I have started my 2nd novel - a prelude to "Ten" called "One For Sorrow".  Odessa, Seth's mother will be the main character in this novel as Seth was in "Ten".  I know how it is going to end and I have, what I think is an excellent start.  All I have to do is the middle.

I have also started my 3rd novel, "Seven Secrets Never To Be Told" that will discuss Seth's children and Dorothy's children.  Their lives will be developed in this novel and fill in the missing details left out of "Ten".  My 4th novel - will continue with their stories and the remaining characters from "Ten For The Devil".

Big Dreams ...but why not aim high! 

If you have read my work so far you know that I have a lot of characters, just like in real life, and using George RR Martins style, many will stay but many die or leave the story.

I have been told that my work is very Dickensian, a great compliment as I love Dicken.  Also I have been told that my murders are very gory for a grandmother to write.  What can I say, I also love Stephen King.  You will have to decide for yourself.

I will be back to update soon and perhaps let everyone read the first chapter of "One For Sorrow".

Thank you for your support and encouragement - I love it.


  1. Why not aim high? Indeed. I used to say never, never, never give up my writing and I almost have a hundred times. We need to aim high, we need to believe in ourselves. Congratulations!

  2. Go for it, Deborah! You can never aim too high, only aim too low and realise you could have done better.

    1. Thank you JD. As always I appreciate your continued support. I won't be this far without you :o)